Do I Have to be Catholic? No. Catholic Engaged Encounter does present God as a focus for a successful marriage. While the weekend will be presented in a Catholic expression of faith, each weekend is open to couples of all faiths. The opportunities of the weekend go well beyond the boundaries of any one faith expression. We are not going to try to convert you or pressure you in any way. Couples where neither person is Catholic are welcome also.

Does Engaged Encounter Satisfy the Catholic Church's Requirement for Marriage Preparation? Within the Diocese of Cleveland, Catholic Engaged Encounter is endorsed as fulfilling this requirement. Our program is also frequently accepted in other Dioceses and states. Whether in Cleveland or elsewhere, your priest always has the final say on what he will accept for your marriage preparation. Please check with the priest who will officiate your wedding before registering. At the conclusion of the weekend, you will receive a letter to give to your priest verifying your participation.

What if We Are Civilly Married? After you meet with your priest and he schedules your wedding, you are welcome on the weekend as you prepare for your sacramental marriage within the Church. If you intend to just stay civilly married, then we suggest a Marriage Encounter Weekend. This is a similar weekend oriented to improving communication for couples already married.

Do We Have to Speak In Front of the Group? No. Engaged Encounter is non-threatening. You will be asked to introduce yourself and your fiancĂ©. This is the only time you are required to speak in front of the group. The weekend is not group therapy. Your privacy will be respected. The weekend is not counseling nor is it based on group discussions. The weekend is designed for the two of you to have quality time for private discussions.

What does a weekend cost? The current cost is $220 per couple, per weekend. This registration fee covers all materials, lodging, meals for Saturday and Sunday. For the 3 day weekend, pizza will be provided on Friday.  Your registration can be paid online through PayPal, or through the mail by regular check. If you make a payment by mail you will receive notification confirming your registration. If you have any additional questions, click here.