What is Catholic Engaged Encounter?


A Unique Marriage Preparation

Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE) is a unique marriage preparation weekend. Married couples, share their personal experiences as a catalyst for the engaged to examine their own relationship. After each presentation, questions are provided for each individual to answer privately. Then the couple privately shares and discusses their answers to the questions. This enables each couple to develop their own unique, loving relationship.

The presentations cover a wide variety of topics including communications, decision-making, disillusionment, and forgiveness. The material and stories provide a realistic and practical view of marriage from couples that actively seek to keep their love alive and growing. More than that, the presenters provide a model for living out the vow they made to each other before God.

The weekend gives an engaged couple time to explore the issues they will face in their marriage relationship. It is a time to look beyond the wedding to the life they will live after they walk back down the aisle. The weekend also provides an opportunity for each couple to consider the spiritual aspect of their relationship that will be as much a part of their marriage as the emotional, physical, and mental dimensions.


Spend A Weekend With Us To Benefit The Two Of You!

Weekends are held at St. Leonard’s YRC in Avon, Ohio, a beautiful modern facility. Click HERE for directions.

Weekend encounters begin on Friday night and end Sunday afternoon with the celebration of Mass. Meals are provided on Saturday and Sunday. Cost of the weekend is $195.00 per couple. Click HERE to register.




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What others are saying:
March 17-19 2017 CEE Weekend

"We grew so much and loved having the time away to talk about non-wedding stuff!"

"We were pretty prepared already, but this weekend helped us even more!"

"It was awsome! We would definitely suggest"

"I've thought about engaged friends and who I can recommend"

"It opened our eyes to ow connected we really are. It was super-awesome, fantastic"